Tyler Rose Swimwear “Goddess Rising”, 2013 collection

This season Nichole Carroll began with images of a simpler, less complicated time. She imagined herself in her own paradise, one laden with waterfalls, lagoons and lush unkempt tropical landscapes. She then followed her instincts and poured herself into her new collection. The purer, more ethereal sense of natural beauty evoked by her new designs mirrors the pools of crystal blue water inspiring the same.

This season it was a rock goddess herself that completed the coupling of visual and musical inspiration; one Ms. Stevie Nicks. Her songs played throughout the design phase and were instrumental in shaping and honing the line, so much so that each bikini is respectfully named after one of Stevie’s hit songs. From her Fleetwood Mac days to her solo career, from Rumours to Wild Heart, Stevie’s music inspired a run of suits meant to celebrate as much as inspire women to grasp and embrace their own femininity and truly become the goddesses they were meant to be.

With a diligence and commitment to the reputation and brand she’s worked so hard to build, Nichole then went forth like a solar wind, like an unstoppable force of another world, and created this season’s hottest couture bikini collection “Goddess Rising”.

Sometimes you have to go forward to go back. Embracing the past and a simpler time to meet the needs of a fast-paced lifestyle. Finding inspiration where you knew it was all along. Wherever you’ve been gives you better perspective as to where you’re going. And when you go, ascending like a goddess, the only way to do it is in Tyler Rose.