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Tyler Rose

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Newport Beach is known for a lot of wonderful things, but caves aren’t one of them. Beautiful beaches? Check. Surf and sand? Check, Check. But caves? Not really, at least not yet.

The “Bikini Cave” is what Nichole Carroll calls her base of operations where she has toiled for the past decade creating classically iconic bikinis that have come to represent the sterling reputation Tyler Rose Swimwear so richly deserves. This is her war room, her think tank; where she goes to both seek and bring to life her inspirations.

Having graced the pages of numerous swimwear and surfstyle publications Nichole has grown her brand organically, with a singularly unique vision that is inspired by and respectful of the past while constantly looking towards the future and beyond. That her suits have been featured in SI’s swimsuit issue 4 years running proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Once in the cave, music plays nonstop. In fact, to hear a lull in the music would be akin to thinking something had gone terribly wrong. Along with her introspection Nichole uses Rock music to drive her creative engine and excite her penchant for design. The two come together to create a synergy of cosmic proportions: kaleidoscope colors, spectacular sound and spirit culminating in what amounts to a spiritual journey.

Working tirelessly, sometimes all through the night, in what she so affectionately calls the “Bikini Cave”, Nichole Carroll waits: her mind astir with pictures and melodies until finally that perfect amalgam of sound and color embrace. And from all the long nights that bleed into days, all the waterfalls and cool blue ponds, all the introspection and strife, all the Stevie Nicks power ballads comes this years newest, hottest line from TRS; GODDESS RISING.