Triumph Swimwear “My Way” Cruise 2008

In clean and sophisticated styling, with glittering highlights of Swarovski tonal crystals the My Way Triumph Cruise collection is based on the very elegant and classic combination of black and white, brought right up to date with flashes of amethyst. It is inspired by the style of the 1940’s and 1950’s, an era that is inextricably linked to international film stars such as Ava Gardner, Lana Turner and Grace Kelly.

When we dream of escaping from winter gloom, the holiday homes of these stars, in places like St Tropez, Cannes or Casablanca come to mind. Now, with this new swimwear collection such timeless elegance and glamour is brought to life again….but with 21st century style.

Made in Sensitive microfibre material, which is quick drying, resistant to chlorine and offers higher than usual UV protection, the six dazzling swimwear pieces, plus a silk tunic, guarantee a grand entrance to the beach, sundeck or cocktail bar.

With gorgeous necklines, flattering folds and removable CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements brooches, My Way is best described as swimwear with evening wear details – the perfect definition of cruise-wear.